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Firefighters Burn Fund Victoria

The Fire Fighters Burn Fund Victoria, BC is a non-profit volunteer society dedicated to the treatment, support, prevention and education of burn and fire injuries. The “Burn Fund” has been serving Vancouver Island for over 33 years. The Fire Fighters Burn Fund Victoria, accompanied by dedicated doctors, nurses and support personnel in our hospital and support staff in our fire departments will assist you through the entire process from injury to recovery, and we don’t stop there…..

The Fire Fighters Burn Fund was founded in 1978 by two fire fighters from the Victoria and Oak Bay fire departments. Now called the Fire Fighters Burn Fund Victoria, BC it is supported by firefighters from Victoria, Oak Bay, and the Department of National Defense. The fund supports the prevention and treatment of burn injuries. This includes the purchase of medical equipment for the Burn Unit at Royal Jubilee Hospital, patient and family support (including the Burn House) and fire and burn prevention programs in the community.

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