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Awards Nomination 

The Canadian Burn Survivors Community Awards are given out bi-annually to deserving recipients in the following categories. The winners are determined by the CBSC Board of Directors from nominations from the community.

Peer Support Award

  • To recognize a person(s) and or group who have gone above and beyond with supporting of other burn survivors and their family members.

  • Target - Burn Survivors and family members of burn survivors.

Burn Care Award

  • To recognize person(s) in the health care sector staff who have gone above and beyond with support of burn survivors and their family members. 


  • Target - Doctors, Nurses, Occupational Therapists and Physio Therapists.

Fire Fighters & Builders Award

  • To recognize person(s) in the Firefighters and Builders sector staff who have gone above and beyond with support of burn survivors and their family members. 


  • Target - Firefighters, Builders from public and private sector.

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Previous Winners

Halifax 2018 Winners

Peer Support Award - John Hart

  • John Hart was burned in September of 1994 while working for Manitoba Hydro in Churchill.  He was working on a power line and was electrocuted, which resulted in a long hospitalization, many surgeries, and the eventual amputation of his right arm and leg.  

  •  At the time, John and his wife and 4 small children were living in Thompson Manitoba, and they were soon relocated to Winnipeg. John faced his devastating injury with bravery and grace.  

  • In the early years of his recovery, he was asked by Burn Unit staff to meet with new burn survivors at the hospital to offer peer support.  

  •  He started attending the burn conferences held in Winnipeg, the first one taking place in 1998, and he soon joined the planning committee for these annual events.  This committee eventually became what is now the Mamingwey Burn Survivor Society. 

  • John is the proud dad of his 4 now grown kids and their partners, and is grandfather to 3 little ones, and he and his wife Karen continue to live in Winnipeg. 

Burn Care Award - Barbara-Anne Hodge

  • Barbara-Anne Hodge is an occupational therapist who worked in Winnipeg at the Health Sciences Centre from 1986 to 2015, most of that time on the Manitoba Firefighters Burn Unit.   

  • When some of the burn unit staff decided to hold a gathering for burn survivors in 1998, she attended. 

  • As soon as she returned to her part-time position on the Burn Unit, she joined the planning committee for the next burn survivor event.   

  • The group had burn survivors join the planning, and when in 2003, this group became the Mamingwey Burn Survivor Society, and they have been holding annual conferences for survivors ever since. Barb has been the chair of this group since its inception.  

  • In 2005, Mamingwey decided to host a national conference, and in 2007, the Canadian Burn Survivors Community was established, and Barb has been a part of this organization ever since.  She is also on the board of the Manitoba Firefighters Burn Fund and has been on the board of the Canadian Skin Patient Alliance for 10 years, where she represents all Canadian burn survivors.   

  • She is currently enjoying an early retirement from her profession and spends her time volunteering, as well as with her rather large family, and she particularly enjoys babysitting her 2-year-old twin grandchildren 4 days a week 

Fire Fighters & Builders Award

  • Joined DND Fire in August 1980, NSFFBTS started in 1982 but was incorporated in 1983, Dave started getting involved in the Society’s fundraisers very early on but became prominent in 1986 during the annual Conquer all Bank Fishing Derby. 

  • Was elected Chairman of the Society in approximately 86/87. 

  • In 1998, influenced by the IWK and QE2 burn units Dave was instrumental in establishing the first successful summer camp for burn survivors in Atlantic Canada and the only one in North America today that accepts BOTH youth/child and adult burn survivors as campers. 

  • First held at historic Sherbrooke Village in 1998, the camp moved to Camp Kidston in 1999, and then in 2000 to Scotia Glenn in Thorburn where it was formally named Camp Connect and has been held ever since. 

  • Dave quickly earned the nickname “Camp Dad” and still affectionately maintains that moniker today, even though he has not been the Camp Director for many years. 

  • Dave has also played a key role in many of the Society’s fundraisers, primarily the annual bowl-a-thon which, initially had been given a lifespan of approximately 5 years, has just completed its 36th successful year. 

  • Dave has seen many individuals come and go during his tenure with the Society, but he has remained the steadfast anchor. Both he and his wife, Joan, have generously given numerous years to promoting both the Society and Camp Connect, neither of which would likely have been as successful as they are today without his leadership and guidance. 

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