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Our mission

The Canadian Burn Survivor Community connects members and is the conduit for members of the Burn Community.  The Community includes Burn Survivors, Fire Fighters, Health Care Professionals and anyone affected by the trauma of burns. 


The Canadian Burn Survivor Community enables burn victims to draw on one another strengths, experiences and provide resources in their journey to becoming Survivors.

The Canadian Burn Survivors Community (CBSC) is a community comprised of burn survivors, fire-fighters, burn unit staff, and advisors who have come together to offer support and education to any person or people that have been affected by burns.

Our main objectives is to help support the development of the psychological well being of burn survivors in Canada, support the sharing of materials and programs to educate our citizens in the prevention of burns in Canada, and encourage professional development of firefighters, health care providers and anyone affected by the trauma of burns in Canada.

The CBSC assumes the responsibility to choose the host city that will hold the Canadian Burn Survivor Conference that is held every second year, in Canada.

The CBSC is a not-for-profit organization composed of fourteen (14) board members which include burn survivors, burn unit staff, and Firefighters. This allows the CBSC to work with many different organizations throughout Canada to advise, educate and develop programs. The common goal is to help survivors feel they are not alone in any stage of their recovery; the CBSC members have been active in offering support to all survivors and family members of survivors since 2006.

In memory of Martiens Vandeberg and Trudy Vanbuskirk.

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