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B.C. Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund

The BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund is a registered charity established in 1978 by the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Association.  The Burn Fund provides life-saving, life-supporting, and life-enriching services to the people in British Columbia.  The Burn Fund Executive and Board of Directors are represented by professional fire fighters and medical staff from around the province who donate their time.  All positions are unpaid.

More than 3,900 professional fire fighters from fifty-three communities in BC and the Yukon are also helping to build the Burn Fund’s vision.  They dedicate their time and skills to support burn survivors and increase the public’s knowledge about fire and burn safety issues through the work the Burn Fund does with its provincial Burn Awareness, Research and Prevention Programs.

“The Future is Mine” – Adult Burn Survivor Program has a variety of social, support and educational programming – typically several events each month are scheduled throughout the Lower Mainland, Victoria and other parts of Vancouver Island as well as throughout the Province.  Currently, three annual Bursary Awards are offered to the adult burn survivor community for continuing education.

The Burn Fund hosts young burn survivors for one week of camp each July.  Almost one thousand children from BC and the Yukon between the ages of six to 18 have attended since 1994. The Burn Fund camp is a significant highlight of most young burn survivor’s lives.  The experience provides an opportunity for child burn survivors to share and be with others who have the same challenges.  A place where these children don’t have to worry about hiding their scars or disfigurement and physical challenges.  Our camp councilors strive to build self-confidence and self-worth in every child.  This includes encouragement toward self-efficacy and positive social interaction.

The Burn Centre, located at 23rd and Main Street in Vancouver, has 8 suites offering accommodation for patients and families while undergoing treatment, on discharge transition or returning for follow-up medical treatment.  In addition, the Burn Fund Centre will be the “home” for monthly peer support group meetings and workshops as delivered to all parts of British Columbia through technology for the adult burn survivor community and their families.

Our programs also include:  ‘Too Hot For Tots!’ developed to teach parents and caregivers of young children how to prevent burn and scald injuries in the home.  The annual ‘Burn Awareness Week’ invites all Elementary Schools to participate in a poster contest to win prizes and learn about burn safety.   The BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund continues to provide financial support to the Burn Units at VGH, BCCH, Royal Jubilee and Northern Interior Health; while also providing assistance to those burn survivor patients that need aid with the purchase of pressure garments and other medical provisions.

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