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Nova Scotia Burn Treatment Society


The NSBSG was formed in 1986 and they held their first meeting on October 25th of the same year. The main goals of the Group is to provide support to burn victims as well as their family and friends during their stay in the hospital as well as after discharge, with the aim of reintegrating the survivor into society as soon as possible. This goal is accomplished by various efforts of the group.

The Nova Scotia Burn Support Group ensures that all patients and their families at the QEII Health Sciences Centre and the children’s hospitals have the opportunity to receive a visit by a member of the group. If the patient or family does not wish to see anyone during their stay at the hospital, they are given a business card containing a contact name and phone number so they may contact a group member at their convenience.

CAMP CONNECT:  The NSFFBTS, influenced by the QEII and the IWK burn units, established a camp where adult and child survivors of burns could come together.  The camp started in 1998 and has been a great success ever since.

The primary purpose of the camp is to provide an opportunity for burn survivors to come together in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy all the fun that a camp can provide. It’s also an opportunity for the campers, if they wish, to join in discussions about being a burn survivor.

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