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Fondation des Pompiers du Québec (Québec Firefighters Foundation)

The Québec Firefighters’ Foundation (FPQGB) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting burn survivors’ in Québec. They contribute by funding and supporting specialized care, basic and clinical research, direct assistance for burn survivors’ and their families, collaboration among firefighters and burn survivors, and promoting fire prevention education.

Thanks’ to the commitment of Québec’s firefighter’s, volunteers and partners, the Foundation has been able to collect more than 15 million since its inception in 1983.

The FPQGB, has 3 major sources of financing: 1) “Agir à grande échelle” (Act in a big scale), where firefighters and their partner, SSQauto, collect donations from the public and private donors, 2) “Lotovoyages” (Vacation lottery): 52 draws per year, 1 every week, 6000 tickets sold, and 3) “Firefighters calendar”: 12 firefighters volunteer for the annual calendar. Additional fund raising activities include: hockey tournaments, bike rides, motorbike rallies and other special events.

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