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Entraide Grands Brûlés

The mission of Entraide Grands Brûlés is to support burn victims in their physical and psychological healing processes. From the time a person is admitted to the burn victims unit, we are available to offer support to the major burn victim, as well as to their loved ones throughout the course of the victim’s treatment.

In Quebec, one person is a victim of major burns each day. This also means one new family must face difficult new challenges each day. One time out of six, the victim is a child. We are aware that often the person who was burned is not the only one that needs help. This is why we have established several types of support services and programs, such as financial support for victims and their families while in hospital or rehab, psychosocial care, camp for burnt children, accommodations for victims’ families or themselves if in rehab or waiting for one-day surgery.

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