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Manitoba Firefighters Burn Fund Inc.


The Firefighters Burn Fund of Manitoba is a volunteer run charity that was incorporated in March, 1978. We raise funds to support improving the care and outcomes of adult and child burn survivors. We strive to accomplish this through the funding of the purchase of specialized equipment, supporting ongoing education opportunities for members of the Burn Team, and funding burns research initiatives.

The Mamingwey Burn Survivor Society is our affiliate and they connect with burn survivors and their families to promote psychological healing.  Since 1986 we have funded and operated a children’s Burn Camp: Camp Phoenix North. Each year the camp hosts 30 – 40 children aged 6 – 16 years. Recently the camp has been managed by Momenta, a professional camp management organization.

From 2011 – 2015, we have overseen the purchase, outfitting and delivery of a fleet of 21 Fire Safety Trailers to Fire Departments throughout the province. For a number of years, we funded and delivered smoke alarms to parents of newborn children through our SAFE Baby program. Following a tragic house fire in which 4 boys perished, we partnered with Red River Mutual and the OFC to create the SAFE Family program in which we supply lithium powered smoke alarms to Fire Departments who see to their being installed in homes in their communities.

Funds are raised through a province wide raffle, a firefighter’s calendar, golf tournaments, payroll deductions, corporate and private donations, and opportunities that come our way.  We are not members of the United Way, nor do we receive government grants.

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